img_1238Hello! I am thrilled you have found the webpage for The Joyful Dog! My name is Jamie & I have been a dog trainer since 2011. I have a background in psychology & have worked in the pet industry since 1998. I have a passion for teaching people, and I adore dogs, so Training is a very natural fit for me.

At The Joyful Dog, I provide online courses in Companion dog obedience. My courses are designed to be fun, informative and very effective. I demonstrate all behaviours through handouts, videos and discussion, and encourage group participation and asking lots of questions. During your course, I am available through text and email with any questions relating to the topics of the course.

i also have dog bakery items available for order. These are great tasting & healthy fun treats for your furry family members! Treats can be purchased as listed, or you can customize the ingredients and decoration to suit your dogs’ tastes and the occasion!

Please have a look at the course offerings on the training page, and feel free to email me for any additional information jamie@thejoyfuldog.ca


Jamie @ The Joyful Dog