Training Classes

Group classes are available entirely online! Classes are centred around a private Facebook Group where topics are introduced and discussion is encouraged. Further information is provided through videos and handouts and one-on-one support is always available through text or email.

This format allows for learning at your own pace, on your own schedule!

For individual course information, please click on the title of the course you are interested in, For any additional questions please email me


Puppies Level One$50
Best suited for soon-to-be new puppy owners
Week 1: What do I need?
Week 2: Where do I start?
Week 3: Establishing a routine
Week 4: The first week

Puppies Level Two$50
Best suited for new puppy owners with young puppies
Week 1: How puppies learn
Week 2: Housetraining
Week 3: The importance of proper socialization
Week 4: Problem Behaviours

Socialization: $75
Great for rescue dogs & puppies too
Week 1: At Home: Sounds
Week 2: At Home: Visitors
Week 3: Around your neighbourhood
Week 4: At the pet store

Basic Training Level One: $125
Perfect for everyone just starting out! 
Week 1: How dogs learn, your reward list, training tools
Week 2: Focus & Sit
Week 3: Lay Down & Stay
Week 4: Recall

Basic Training Level Two: $125
For Basic Training Level One graduates or equivalent

Week 1: Review of Level One
Week 2: Leave It & Take It
Week 3: Loose Leash Walking
Week 4: Recall Level Two