You know, routine is a wonderful thing, especially to dogs. It makes things predictable; they know what to expect & have a better probability of doing the ‘right’ things over time. As new dog owners, often times quite a lot of effort is put in on our part to establish a routine. Feeding time, potty time, play time & rest time are often scheduled out as the days go by…but what about the accidental routines? The ones we don’t purposefully schedule, the ones that just sort of happen.

My husband and I are self proclaimed nerds. We love Star Trek: The Next Generation and over the last several weeks we have been watching an episode each night or so after supper. It’s not unusual for us to watch a show in the evening and the dogs are quite good at settling down on the couch and floor to relax with us.

Stitch seems to have gone one step further with our little routine and has started to recognize the closing credits music. As typically we feed the dogs after the human relaxing time, she has learned that after the show she gets supper. To anyone who has a lab they know how important food I s in the life of a lab, it’s everything. To her, the only things better than food are water and a good game of fetch or tug. So when it’s food time she is the first to get excited
So now when the closing credits music plays she will jump up from pretty much a dead sleep even and wag her tail all excited because food is coming. Seems she’s taught us a thing about routine this time!

Here’s a video of Stitch hearing the closing credits music 🙂

Jamie @ The Joyful Dog