Training Opportunities

i am a big fan of taking training opportunities as they come during the day, instead of setting out specific time to train with my dogs. Setting a time is great in theory, but then life happens; last minute groceries, friends come over, supper dishes..& your training time is gone.

Working training into everyday tasks around home works better for me because it doesn’t require extra time. If I go downstairs & the dogs want to follow, I ask them to sit & stay while I go down the stairs, then I invite them to come. When feeding them, they know they are to leave the food I just put in their bowls until I tell them “Take It”. When one dog wants a tummy rub, I will play fetch with the other one so they both get a nice reward. This just fits my life & it’s what I recommend to my clients too.

Puppies have pretty short attention spans, so workin on sit or stay during commercial breaks in your show fits perfectly. Or when when waiting for the oven to pre-heat, microwave to beep, or coffee to be made. These are moments where it’s easy to multi-task, & your pets and yourself reap the rewards!