The Pre Puppy Stage

People sometimes talk about the different stages of puppy development; General Socialization, Optimal Bonding, ┬áPrimary Canine Socialization etc. These stages are nicely set out to give us a roadmap of sorts to help our puppies be awesome puppies! …but what about us? How do we be awesome people for our dogs?

There is a roadmap I’ve made up & the first stop is The Pre-Puppy Stage! This stage starts before your new dog comes home. It could be weeks or months before depending on the person. This stage is mainly centred around planning & Preperation!

Planning: this includes things like knowing about your dogs breed, energy level, grooming requirements. Also planning how your new family member will fit into your household & daily routine. Who will be in charge of feeding, training (everyone for this one I hope), exercising & cleaning up after?

Preperation: Preperation includes the shopping for supplies; food, treats, crate, collar, toys, bowls, brushes. Figuring out where to put the crate in the house, where the water bowl goes so it’s easily accessible but family members don’t Accidentally tip it over. Finding a good place in the yard for your dog to use as his potty area. Looking into training that fits your schedule.

Theres a lot you can do in the Pre-Puppy Stage!

I am offering a one hour class (for humans only) to help with the Pre-Puppy stage. It covers a look at the products you may need to pick up before your dog arrives. And because the class size limit is 4 per class, we have time to discuss any specific needs of your new dog too.

Classes are at Petland Red Deer & hosted by myself. There’s NO pressure to purchase anything after the class, but it’s fun to have everything in one place to see, feel & play with too!

To sign up, send me an email or text or give me a call.

For people wanting to learn even more:

Ian Dunbar wrote a great book called “Before You Get Your Puppy”which covers some of the planning aspects. It is a bit of a long read but if you are in the early planning stages, it is a good start.

Happy Pre-Puppy Stage!
Jamie @ The Joyful Dog