Training Classes at The Joyful Dog

The training classes at The Joyful Dog are organized in a way that allows for maximum flexibility. Since the approach is unique, I felt a blog post on the subject would be helpful.

The classes are divided into four types:

  • Puppy Socialization Puppy Party)
  • Puppy Obedience (Playful Pooch)
  • Dog Obedience (Delightful Dog
  • Advanced Obedience (Classy Canine)

Puppy Party is a socialization class for puppies up to five months of age. These classes are designed to be slightly different each time, but since they are mostly a play class, there is no graduation component. Typically it’s paired with Playful Pooch.

All of the obedience class types are broken down into four topics. There are two approaches to these classes:

  • Approach #1: Classic: Attend at least one class from each topic to be able to graduate.
  • Approach #2: Specific: Attend multiple classes from one or more topics to strengthen a particular skill. To graduate this way, attend four classes from one topic under your class name.

For example, for Playful Pooch: Puppy obedience for puppies over 5 months of age.

  • Classic Approach
  •     At least one Topic A class (Focus, Relax, Go to your bed)
  •     At least one class from Topic B (Sit & Lay Down)
  •     At least one class from Topic C (Appropriate Play & Learning Boundaries)
  •     At least one class from Topic D (introduction to Recall/Come
  •     Once you have attended one class from each topic, you can attend one of our graduation classes.

Specific Approach: My puppy does really well with sitting & coming when called, but she plays so rough & doesn’t know when to settle.

  • Attend a class or two from Topic C to help your puppy learn manners & rules while playing. And attend a class from Topic A to teach her to calm down when you ask.

Because each topic A-D) is its own contained lesson, you can book a one hour class & work on those new skills for a few weeks & then come back to another class when you are ready & your schedule allows.



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  1. HI There,

    Not sure if I have registered for the right class for Daisy. I want to teach her not to jump up on people and to sit. She already has the playing down pretty good but is full of teeth and not listening 🙂

    She is going to be a big dog and I want her to learn to listen/respond to commands.

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