Raw Food Day #1

We started our dogs on raw food tonight & I thought it may be interesting to record how it goes!

I’ve been humming and hawing about feeding raw for what feels like forever and we finally decided to do the switch after Nicks Mom switched her dogs to raw and just loves it. I’ve read a LOT about raw food and feel like it’s a good choice for us and our dogs.

This afternoon, Nick and I went to pick up our order. We decided to start with chicken recipe since the dogs kibble was chicken and rice. We had it cut up into 1/4 pound pieces so it’s easier to measure out.

Good thing we just got one bag because 50 pounds of frozen dog food takes up a fair amount of space in our deep freeze!

I read a bunch about switching and decided since both dogs are healthy and not picky eaters, that we would switch on a Friday night right off the bat. Then we are home over the weekend if they need a few extra bathroom breaks.

Because ive never done this before, and Hank is a messy eater, we decided to feed them in their crates for the first time. Stitch usually eats in her crate as she eats much faster than Hank and I don’t want him to rush.

Stitch thought this was the best decision ever! She was into it right away and gobbled up her one chunk of food.

Hank looked at us like we had 3 heads, but after a bit he worked out what to do too. We fed them frozen pieces so they can gnaw on it a bit and get a bit of a teeth brush too, and so they don’t gulp it down in two bites.

well, that’s about all I can Report right now! They both seemed to like it. Now we will just have to wait a few weeks to see if we notice any changes.