Raw Food Week #1

While I hadn’t intended to write another raw food post this soon, I wanted to share the changes we have seen in just one week.

The dogs love this food! They happily follow me down to the freezer and then gallop up the stairs to their bowls. Hank is eating his food in his regular spot in the kitchen, and Stitch eats hers in her crate. They don’t seem to eat crazy fast which is great, especially for speed demon Stitch!

the only negative I have so far, is having to wash their bowls more often. We were a bit lazy with this when they were on kibble, so washing their bowls after each meal is taking some getting used to.

Here are the positives we’ve noticed:

1. No doggy breath: Hank used to have smelly dog breath. It wasn’t offensive, just smelled like hot dog food, yuck. Now there’s no smell. Like nothing! It’s awesome!

2. Small Poops!: **poop pictures below!** Okay so the amount their poops have changed blows my mind! They are so small! I thought Hank wasn’t pooping actually, but he is, they are just small. Honestly, this one thing makes me so happy LOL. Wanna see Hanks poop? This one is from 2 days after switching to raw. Keep in mind he is a 140 pound dog! Check it out!

And this picture is of Hank and Stitch’s poops from our walk tonight. They are bagged up and while this is all fascinating, I wasn’t about to open the bags to show the contents..that’s going a bit far even for me!

Plus their poop doesn’t stink, yes it still smells, come on, it is poop! But it’s not offensive and overpowering.

3. Happy Skin: Hank gets a red chin from his face being wet so much from his loose lips. We wipe his mouth and chin with a soft towel and also use baby wipes with vinegar added. While this does work if we do it consistently a few times a day, once we forget it’s back to being red and itchy. Well, a week on raw and it looks so much better! Not bright red, not hot, and less itchy as he hasn’t been scratching his chin on the couch nearly as often.


i haven’t noticed as many changes with Stitch because she just doesn’t have the same issues Hank has. Her weight seems perfect and she is very happy!