Raw Food: 6 months in.

i wanted to write a little post about our experience feeding raw. I did post up a few when we first started, but now we’ve been feeding raw for over 6 months.

First off, I am still so happy with this decision. Our dogs look great! Both have had their yearly checkups and everything was PERFECT. No issues at all and they just look so darn healthy! Their coats are shiny and aoft, the shedding is less (but definitely still happening LOL), and they have lots of happy energy.

They still LOVE their food! Hank licks his bowl out every time, then sniffs around and licks it again, you know, just incase something has magically appeared! Stitch has actually slowed down her eating speed. This is one benefit I didn’t anticipate. She still eats quickly, but not the Mach 10 she used to.

I ended up buying a stand up freezer for the “people food” and using the chest freezer for the dog food. I think the need to freeze their food and the space it takes up is the only real complaint I have. Hank eats 3 pounds a day and Stitch eats 1 pound a day so in a month, they eat 120 pounds of food. That takes up a lot of freezer space in frozen form!